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What does treatment look like? | Artisanal Healing

What does treatment look like?

mortar and pestle

This is an approach that I have been developing over the last ten years, beginning with my doctoral dissertation, which looked explicitly at the integration of Ayurvedic and Psychotherapeutic formulations in clinical practice. After doing my postdoctoral training and becoming licensed in clinical psychology, I went on to study Ayurveda at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda. I continued my studies for several years while looking at how to integrate these two fields, and this practice is both the culmination of those efforts, as well as a starting point for a lifetime of further study.

With the integration of Ayurveda and traditional clinical psychology, I can offer more tools than I was able to with psychology alone. Talk therapy can be very helpful for people, and can be an important facilitator for increased self-awareness, through identifying core wounds, triggers; patterns of thoughts and behaviors that may or may not be serving you.  Ayurveda’s approach offers the opportunity to dive more deeply into the underlying imbalances of a person, looking at the most basic elements: ether, air, water, fire, and earth. We will identify your prakriti, or birth constitution – learning where your equilibrium point is at the most fundamental level. And we can identify your vikruti, or current constitution, which will provide more information about where you are in the present moment and how that might differ from your birth constitution. Numerous factors play a part in determining the vikruti, and that is something that we can explore in more detail while meeting.

Herbs and spices in bowls used in ayurvedic medecineWe will use all of this information to inform our treatment plan. Some examples of “tools” we might use include recommendations for certain food and beverage choices, types of exercise, meditation, breathwork, or yoga poses. There might be recommendations for an increased practice of awareness outside of our sessions together, to see how different people, situations, environments, impact your health, on a number of levels. There are many tools at our disposal but you will not be inundated with a long list of instructions on how to change your life. Rather, we are interested in working with you to craft a “do-able”, sustainable plan for incremental change at whatever level or pace feels right and good for you.

This will be very much a process of collaboration and personalization – every person is different and will benefit from a tailored approach to health care.   If you have any questions and wonder whether it would be a good fit for us to work together,  I am happy to explore that with you before setting up an appointment. Please call 617-872-7194.


What is ArtisanalHealing?

ArtisanalHealing® is an integrative health practice, founded by Elizabeth Geuss, Psy.D., a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and a licensed clinical psychologist. Its goal is to promote vibrant health and wellbeing through collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

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